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Distance ≠ Time

In collaboration with Gralin Hughes, I created a piece called "Bananas, Oil, Prisons" (2017) which was included in the exhibit Distance ≠ Time. The exhibit was a collaboration between Icebox Project Space and Black Quantum Futurism and included Time Camp 001, a two-day program and interactive installation exploring time, alternative temporalities, and time travel. 

"Oil, Bananas, Prisons" utilizes traditional Persian textiles, photo transfer imagery and video projection mapping to weave to together historical points in space and time from Iran to Guatemala to immigrant detention centers in the US. The hand sewn tapestry is a small constellation of historic images interspersed with spots of video projection of reworked archival footage along with an ambient soundscape, bordered by traditional Persian textile patterns. The piece makes connections between the US overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran--the first CIA coup--and it was then used as a model to destabilize dozens of other countries that had been gaining economic and cultural independence. These seemingly randomly interspersed moments in space and time are all linked in creating this current political moment; this piece visually captures and explores the webs of time and history in creating current political realities.