The Roundup: What I've been watching/reading/listening to



This week I've not been able to finish much heavy reading so I've been mostly reading comic books. This Spider-Man/Spider-Gwen team up was cute and entertaining. A fun read if you come across it, but not something that I'd say drop everything and go to the store for now. Paper Girls v2, however, I do think you should not sleep on. I know it may be unpopular to say, but I think this might be better work from Bryan K. Vaughn than Saga. And, that's likely due in part to the collaboration with Cliff Chiang.




I not only disliked but actually actively hated the new Star Trek Discovery the first few episodes. But I pushed through and holy tribbles am I glad I did. I can't tell you what is so good about it without giving away spoilers. If you want to listen to someone else's spoilers, the Black Tribbles podcast has been doing a special Spock Adjacent series  that breaks down each episode with all the geekery you need. I've also been doing the newest season of Frankie and Grace which provides a type of nostalgic familiarity for some of the white hippie elders I grew up with.






I finally finished listening to all of the episodes of the SyFy25: Origin Stories podcast series which was satisfying. I learned many new things about set design, costume design, and actual science while also just getting to geek with excitement over pretty much every guest. Adam Savage is not the world's best interviewer in terms of conversational tone, but I appreciated how tight and well structured each episode was.